About Us
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Managing the organization and implementation of worldwide charter flights. We cover everything from short flights to long hauls and utilize a range of Aircrafts from small Piston-Engine, via classic and VIP-Airliner, to light, middle and heavy Business Jets. We cater to a high-end clientele and ensure that our customers are taken care of while utilizing our service.


General Cargo Flights can be organized and trusted with us as we also manage the transport of spare parts for car races, valuable art, Organs / Stem Cells and radioactive substances (e.g. contrast medium) for medical institutions taking into account the high demands and rules during transport. We also assist with stranded / defect Aircrafts from various Airlines (AOGs) or organizing the crew proceedings for them.


Ferry Flights and / or Positioning Flights are also part of our wide service spectrum.

We only work with select Partners and Airlines who have the appropriate approvals and certificates along with qualified personnel and well maintained Aircrafts.


We also offer excellent service and professional support in trading (buying and selling) with aircrafts and parts. With our many years of experience, you can also count on excellent support for the individual planning of the use of your own business aircraft.